About Us

Spiral’s aim is to prevent the effects bullying has on young people and families by providing emotional education, to give them the tools they can use to manage difficult situations and overwhelming emotions. The support offered is for increased anger and anxiety, and low mood.

You can request a referral form to be sent by email, post, Spiral also welcomes referrals from other GP’s and other organisations.

Once the referral form has been handed in you will be contacted within fifteen working days to arrange the first meeting.

You can call Spiral on 01228642641 to ask any questions. If no one answers your call, leave a voice mail, text message, or email and someone will contact you as soon as they are available.

Support and Projects

The If you have any questions contact staff on 01228 642641 or maryann@spiralcumbria.org.uk

1:1 Covid recovery

During the Covid-19 pandemic support will be provided online using Teams. The support is emotional support is for 4-8 weeks. The support is to help you manage overwhelming emotions in difficult situations.

Resource’s available

FREE downloadable videos on cyberbullying with handouts available for young people, schools, and youth settings, downloadable resource’s for parents/guardians on responding not reacting to challenging situations.

Group work

Group work over 4 weeks, a maximum of 8 young people per group. The group work covers the same areas as the 1:1 support.

Peer Support

A community site for young people on Discord (instructions on who to join can be found on our You Tube site) to access information and resources, talk to other peers, and game night, run by staff and volunteers.

Outcomes of the support: how to have more self-control over impulses, view situations differently, learn strategies to support emotional regulation.

Support during the Covid-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has also caused a sudden change in routine and ‘normal life’, there is a huge uncertainty of the future, Young people are facing many different challenges. We cannot support young people that have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, the work we do is prevention and work with young people at the early stages.

Spirals support sessions involve a confidential setting. A volunteer of Spiral will listen attentively to each person. They offer them the time, empathy and respect they need to express their feelings and perhaps understand themselves and the situation from a different perspective.

The aim of the support sessions are to move forward and learn new ways to deal with difficult situations.